Memories of our school musical Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat.

Our school production the musical Jungle Book.

K2M project at Whitgreave

Children in Years 3 and 4 are taking part in Staffordshire's K2M project. All of the children and members of staff in the year groups who can't play the violin are taking part. The children are learning how to play the violin and each child has a violin to take home.
The children will be performing in family concerts at Christmas and Easter. In July we will be performing in a K2M concert at Symphony Hall in Birmingham. A fantastic learning experience for our children!

Why learn to play an instrument? The K2M programme has enormous benefits for pupils, class teachers and schools.

Benefits to pupils:
  • Increases concentration, self discipline, self esteem and team work.
  • Enriches and extends a pupil's learning experience in school.
  • Makes pupils' more positive about music and music education.
  • Results in a lifelong interest in music and wider career opportunities.
Benefits to class teachers:
  • Inbuilt CPD for both the class teacher and instrumental teacher who learn from each other's experience and skills.
  • The class teacher works alongside the instrumental teacher to deliver the curriculum resulting in a more enriched understanding of music education.
  • The class teacher learns alongside their pupils.
  • The benefits of teamwork are profound and far reaching.
Benefits to schools:
  • Improves a child's sense of belonging to the school.
  • Improves the pupil/teacher relationship, especially when teachers and children learn an instrument alongside each other.
  • Improves concentration, self esteem and teamworking skills in learners.
  • The usual gender imbalance is avoided.
  • Widening opportunities through the K2M programme is proving to be a powerful tool for school improvement.
What happens in K2M? The K2M programme delivers:
  • a planned core curriculum, taught by SPA teachers and the class teacher to a whole class in a one-hour per week timetabled lesson for one year. 
  • a breadth of musical experiences included in the NC for all children in the class including singing and vocal work using "Kodaly" principles and practice, rhythm and musical movement sessions and expert instrumental tuition

School Choir

School Choir meets on a Tuesday: 3.15 - 4.30. Please see Mr Griffiths to join.

Working with the music from The Lion King

We explored the music of The Lion King to enhance our creative learning. The music inspired our mask making and fabric printing. We created a dance to the songs 'The Circle of Life' and 'One by One which we then performed to parents during Big Arts Week, bringing together costumes, dance and performance skills.