Our favourite links

Here are some of the links that we use in school.

LEARNING PLATFORMS LINKS - the company who helped us design our website. - our children use this website a lot to help their learning - an excellent site used in most Staffordshire school and available for parents to subscribe to out of school. - the school supports this charity by sponsoring a child who lives at the Goodwill Children's village.  - enter the curriculum menu for an outstanding, award winning selection of resources from this Government recommended school website. - excellent site which supports ICT simulation work, D and T and some aspects of art. - good site giving a wide range of educational activities to support learning. - outstanding range of games which supports learning times tables. - Local education authority website with a range of useful learning resources. - fantastic selection of big books for children to read online. - fantastic school website with lots of resources. - Whitgreaves local education authority. - Free recording and sound editing software - Free software which enables the creation of multi - media presentations using pictures and text. ****This is well worth downloading and using**** - learn to touch type - Create your own animated talking messages. - LEA website - educational website