Year 3- Spring Term


Welcome back!  As we begin another school term please find some information you may find useful regarding Year 3.

Celebrating World Book Day March 2009

We had a fabulous day in Year 3 celebrating "World Book Day". 

Children came to school dressed as a character from their favourite book.

The whole school theme for the day was "Playscripts" and the fairy tale "Snow White".

We started off the day with a parade in assembly showing each other all our lovely costumes.  We then spent the rest of the morning in our classes interpreting the fairy tale "Snow White". 

Year 3 worked together in groups and each group produced a scene from the fairy tale to present to each other - We had a GREAT Time!

"Little Red Riding Hood"

won the prize for

the favourite costume in

Year 3

Miss Sutton and Mrs Jackson

Miss Sutton and Mrs Jackson enjoying the sunshine!

Swimming - Thursday a.m.

As from March 12th 2009 - Year 3 will be swimming once, every two weeks.   Please ensure your child brings a swimming kit to school every alternate Thursday.  All children must wear swimming caps.

If you are available to support us with our visit to the swimming pool - please contact the office. 


P.E. - Tuesday p.m.

Please ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school. 

Most children leave their P.E. kits in school and take them home for washing at the end of each half term.


Our new "Themed Study Project" for this term is "What was it like for children living during World War 2?"    Together with Literacy, we will be using our ICT,  D+t , Art, Numeracy and Music Skills to help us find out about; World Leaders, The Blitz, Air Raids and Air Raid Shelters, Evacuees, Rationing, Anne Frank and Victory. We will also be learning some songs that were  sung during this time and much more!

To support your child's learning we have also arranged a visit to the World War 2 Experience In Cannock - this will be on Thursday 12th February and further information will be sent out shortly.


Every half term your child will be given a particular target to achieve in one area of Numeracy and Literacy.  Please support your child in working towards his or her target.

Numeracy Target - Year 3

Must:         I can sort objects and talkabout how I sorted them.

                       I  can quickly collect information and use lists and tables or block graphs to 

                       show what I have found out.   

Should :  I can place objects on a Venn Diagram, using more than 1 criterion.

                       I can explain what a frequency chart tells me ( and use this to make a

                       pictogram or bar chart.) 

Could:    I can collect data in a table.

                  I can represent the data in different ways, including a bar chart with 

                  the axis marked in multiples of 2,3, 10 or 20.

Literacy Targets - Year 3

  Must:    I can write using complete sentences starting with a capital letter and

                 ending with a full stop.

                 I can begin to use paragraphs in my writing to show beginning, middle

                 and end.

Should:   I can start some of my sentences by telling my reader when something is 

                      happening   e.g. next, after a while, later on etc;

                             I can use paragraphs to organise events in my writing e.g. beginning, middle

                      and end..

Could:  I can start some of my sentences by telling my reader when or where something is  


                         I can write my stories in paragraphs to show when there is a change in time or place .



All homework must be handed in each Monday morning and will be expected to be of a high standard. 

1.     Numeracy worksheet
2.     Literacy worksheet.
3.     Occasional Themed Study Worksheet -which may include some research. This work will be set weekly as appropriate. 

Reading from home reading book. (Listener please sign and comment in homework diary.)

Practise Spellings. (Spelling tests will take place each Friday morning.)

Practise Times Tables. (Timestables tests will take place each Friday morning.)

The focus for Year 3 this term will be reading.  We want to encourage your child to talk to you about the book they are reading (for example; characters, descriptions, what they think will happen next and the meaning of words which are unfamiliar to them).  The children will be given questions to focus on during their guided reading sessions in class to reflect this understanding.

Thank you for your continued support.


NB  There are some brilliant websites that can be used to help your child wth their homework, as well as for extra work on areas like the times-tables. 

Children are now expected to know all of their times-tables up to the 10 times tables, by the end of Year 4, so the more practise now the better!!